Known Area Search Delays

Due to circumstances beyond our control, research results will be delayed at the following locations:

Locations for Criminal Requests


Contra Costa: Clerk Search Only – Turnaround time up to two weeks

Los Angeles Courts Turnaround time

No Record: 24 – 48 hours

Record Found: up to two weeks (Clerk Assistance now required for pulling records)

San Joaquin County – The courts are implementing a new system, which will launch in October, and are currently experiencing delays due to transferring of information from the old system to the new system. There is also a shortage of clerks causing even more delays.


Harrison County: Clerk Assistance Now Required – Turnaround time up to 10 days

Locations for Driving Record Requests

Alaska MVR Request: Turnaround time – 7 days (State specific authorization release form required)

Pennsylvania MVR Request: Turnaround time – 14 days (State specific authorization release form required)Go back | Show other stories | Send this page to a friend