Who We Are

A Leading Background Screening Company: The Southern Research Story

Southern Research collects and disseminates factual historical information that exists in the public realm that aids in the decision making process in hiring, tenancy and volunteerism. This information can include records of Criminal History, Driving, Civil Litigation, Employment, Professional Credentials and other areas of inquiry.

Since 1956, we’ve conducted searches and provided results that help in the selection, credentialing and vetting of candidates for employment, property rental and volunteering.

Southern Research Company pledges to serve you with integrity, provide competitive turnaround times. Never sacrificing quality, accuracy or thoroughness to expedite a consumer report or other service.

Our Mission Statement

Southern Research Company pledges a commitment to integrity, providing competitive turnaround times and never sacrificing quality, accuracy or thoroughness to expedite a consumer report or other service.

We believe in quality, thoroughness and accuracy in the information we give to our clients. When individuals you hire have records with unfavorable information, your business’ reputation and operations can take a hit. However, investigations that yield inaccurate information are also damaging to everyone involved.

We conduct each search with diligence and accuracy to ensure sound hiring practices for organizations and fairness for potential employees. Our reports are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our clients must comply with the Act in their employment and tenant decisions.

Southern Research Company belongs to local, regional and national associations focused on asset protection (including people, property and information), related legal issues, human resource issues and best practices in consumer reporting. Our executives actively participate in legislative matters on both the state and federal level.

Our employees engage in continuing education programs, such as conferences and forums, to stay on top of industry trends and news. We invest significantly in our employees and technology, including the highest levels of data security and multiple off-site data storage servers at different locations in the country.